Mac Boredom

Iím not one to concern myself with superstition, but that fabled Chinese curse about living in interesting times is one Iíd prefer to avoid. The past couple of weeks have certainly been interesting. Of course, those IT types who are having to wage war with any of the several,íll have to look that up sometime....know just how interesting such a career can be.

In any case, as anyone who writes under a deadline will tell you, there are times when you just donít have much of anything to talk about. Its not writerís block, exactly, just a complete lack of anything of any great importance to expound on. This is one of those times for me. You see, it is sometimes very boring when youíre a Mac user. I suppose if I wanted to add a little spice to my life I could get a peecee. If nothing else the incessant security updates from Redmond would keep me busy. I canít say Iím interested in that. Sounds far too much like ëmake-workí and, letís face it, Iím not a V.P. at any corporation.

I did have a little excitement this morning. It amounted to what I would consider to be a major problem with my big AlBook. For a winblows user it was probably a pretty run-of-the-mill event. For me though it was extremely frustrating. I was getting ready to leave for work and switching my network location from the airport-only setting I use at home to an ëall offí condition. I went to the Apple menu, pulled down to ëlocationí, and chose the desired setting.

Nothing happened.

The AirPort connection wouldnít go down. I tried the same thing from within System Preferences and was awarded with just as big of a nothing. Oh well, close the thing up to sleep it and deal with it later.

Once I got to the office I plugged in the ethernet cable and tried changing the connections. Nothing I could do would convince my trusty little Mac to switch the network settings. In fact, when I finally coerced the System Prefs to open to the Network panel I was somewhat surprised to see absolutely nothing under the addressing column of TCP/IP.

Well, I tried what little voodoo I knew in the shell, attacking ifconfig, to no avail. Knowing full well that it wouldnít help I logged off and back in again. Finally, I was right about something. The log-off/on made no difference. Exasperated I finally succumbed and, yes, restarted. Iím not used to having to do that. I switch this thing back and forth, from one network location to another without so much as a beep all the time. Well, I can tell you I wasnít too happy about the time I wasted getting the thing working. I think I spent at least five minutes putting up with this nonsense.

Oh well, I guess it could be worse. The morning could have been much more interesting.