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Mac OS X hosts File Regrouped

A few months ago we looked at a method for trimming down the advertising noise on your Mac desktop. With time, a procedure like this gets fine-tuned. Here is the latest for Mac OS X Jaguar.

A Mac OS X Hard Disk Upgrade

It is the nature of software to grow. The math is simple. More features equals more software code. The cost is a hard drive upgrade once in a while, a process much simplified by Carbon Copy Cloner for Mac OS X.

LimeWire for Mac OS X - Kazaa!

A few weeks back, we looked at Neo for Mac OS X, a neoKazaa client. Today we take the OS X version of LimeWire for a testdrive, a client on the familiar Gnutella network.

X-CD-Roast For Mac OS X

If you run X Window server software on your CD burner-equipped Mac, you may be interested in an X package called X-CD-Roast, well-known in the Linux world, but fresh to Mac.

Mating A D-Link DI-704P Router With Mac OS X

Network technologies have advanced light years in a fraction of our lifetimes. Many of these technologies have distilled down to the consumer price point, and are a tremendous value. Take, for example, the plethora of combo NAT gateway network devices such as the D-Link DI-704P.

Now, I got into a lot of trouble with some of you the last time we talked about this stuff. So let me give you my rationale for recommending a non-Mac-certified device right up front. It goes like this.

Unix Libraries and Mac OS X

One of the great strengths of Apple's Mac OS X operating system is its unix core. A veritable world of existing applications are instantly available to it, providing you have persistence and the patience to install the prerequisite software libraries.

Boswell for Mac OS X - A Writer's Companion: Part Three

Last time we looked at a product called Boswell for Mac, a writer's tool for organizing thoughts, notes, and other components that go to make a document. This week we will look at the new Mac OS X version, just released.

Neo For Mac OS X - Kazaa!

Macs have always been big on file sharing. Mac OS X raised the bar, particularly with the recent Jaguar release. Yet the best file sharing strategies may be independent of operating system. Take Neo, for example, an OS X client for Kazaa, sort of.

Computing was always intriguing, but all of a sudden things heated up when people realized they could connect to a larger world out there. We've come a long way since then, and many people today have never not known about networking a computer.

Mac OS X Built-In Firewall Options

Regardless of operating system, every computer connected to a network requires a firewall. Mac OS X comes with one built in, always has, always will. All you have to do is turn it on.

What is a firewall? A computer firewall is the software or hardware analog of its brick-and-mortar counterpart that separates two buildings in close proximity. In the event that one catches fire, the flames cannot readily damage the other building. So too, if there is destructive activity on your computer network, a firewall will prevent that activity from touching your machine.

Sample Firewall Rules For Mac OS X

[Mac:~] damien% sudo ipfw list
02000 allow ip from any to any via lo*
02010 deny ip from to any in
02020 deny ip from any to in
02030 deny ip from to any in
02040 deny tcp from any to in
02050 allow tcp from any to any out
02060 allow tcp from any to any established
02070 allow tcp from any to any 22 in
12190 deny tcp from any to any
65535 allow ip from any to any

[Mac:~] damien% sudo ipfw list

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