Critical Mass

Mac Security

It's always been an issue. Ever since the first computer got connected to the second one, someone was there to get in on the action. Not so many years ago, someone found a virus-infected DOS game and brought it into our office for dissection. It was quite a novelty that someone actually had found a virus! Well, the novelty wore off a long time ago, as every one of us has had Norton AntiVirus screaming in our face at one time or another.

Moving Day

As you may know, my high-mileage Windows NT computer system recently gained a helper in the form of an iMac. After about fifteen minutes of using the Mac I found myself mumbling something about why I didnt do this ages ago. It's not NT, you understand. It's overworked hardware. I find it just amazing. When I first built that box and installed NT on it a-fresh, I felt for the first time in all of my computing days that finally the computer itself wasn't in the loop. What I meant by that was, I wasn't waiting for the processor to think things through.

Palm to Mac

Fully a week has passed, and Mac OS X is still running happily on my iMac. It's a keeper. Of course it supports several Classic applications, and, if anything, they run better within X than under native Mac OS 9. One recalcitrant application had been crashing the system lately. It now crashes the Classic Environment instead, which is restarted easily. Good deal!

Mac OS X First Look

In Canada it's called a hat trick. In the States, it's three strikes and you're out. But not this time. By any measure, Mac OS X, which debuted on March 24, 2001, is a shutout victory!

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