Batttle of the Beige G3 - Round Two

I've been running Ma OS X on my Beige G3 since October 5, 2000, which dates back to the Public Beta. Everything has run flawlessly until April 2003, that is. That's when my 60GB master HD developed the beep of death (read the article for full details of the account). By the end of August things had gotten so bad, among them a failed G4 upgrade, that I had no choice but to get a new Mac immediately. Well, a week ago things went south again and here is my tail...

Since I got my MDD G4 at the end of September 2003, I have been using my Beige G3 as my dedicated server (it was my server since 2000, but having my workstation and server separate is safer and more secure). One morning after booting my G3 and actually logging in via AFP, I noticed my Data partition was gone! I used VNC to look at it closer and it wasn't mounting. I ran Disk Utility and it reported errors it couldn't fix. I found my Disk Warrior 3 CD and booted from there (had to connect my monitor first). It ran and took about an hour and said it rebuilt the directory. I booted and all worked, except that in CLI it reported the drive as BigT 1. Before, I had the drive named BigT. Not a big deal, I changed all the file locations in Apache and went on with life.

It happened again, I ran DW, and then my OS X partition vanished. I DW'd it and then after a few days, I decided I might as well clean install (big, big mistake). The install went fine on the second try, then I proceeded to run the 10.2.8 updater. Upon reboot, I got the Blue Screen of Death (B.S.O.D)-a term normally used to describe PC's). I then I decided to try installing Panther on the beast. First installing OS 9 basic install, I got Panther installer to boot, but the first attempt failed.

Then I tried again. It got through the first CD, but then on reboot I got the Mac OS X screen with a blank area where the startup items normally are. I then proceeded to boot from my data drive with OS 9 and BANG! It was not mounting! I booted from the OS 9 CD and was greeted with a "Can't read volume format?" Uh, no thanks. I then decided to do use DW again and this time it had to run over night. Woke up Saturday morning and it was ready to replace the Directory with a new one. Two minutes later it said it couldn't replace the directory and to try rebuilding again.

After two failed attempts (one done on Thursday) I decided to pop the drive into my MDD and run DW on it that way. Three hours after I had started, it was fixed and finished and mounting! That was fast. I-along with others-thought the processor speed didn't matter with DiskWarrior. I guess we where wrong.

Now my 80GB from my Beige G3 sits in my G4 until I backup all my data (15GBs of legit videos, ouch!). I tried installing Panther on it from my G4 but my G4 wouldn't look at the partition and boot from it (it's running on the ATA66 bus). So now where do I go from here? I don't know, but I do need to get my development server back on-line though.