First Impressions My new PowerMac!!!

Can you say fast? This thing is a beast! It takes my Beige G3 to the cleaners.

On Friday my new PowerMac G4 DP 1.25GHZ arrived and man is this thing fast! I BTO'd it with a SuperDrive and Combo Drive, along with 512MB of Kingston RAM for a total of 768MB. Of course, I will likely give in to the urge and max it out within the next 12 months. I also upgraded the stock 80GB HD to 160GBs. This thing is blazing fast - and supports Mac OS 9 for the times I want to play Carmageddon or Unreal - at least until they are carbonized (one only hopes).

This thing is beautiful to say the least. I popped in my second drive from my Beige G3 - a 120GB Maxtor - now I have 280GB of space. I decided to make the 160GB a scratch disk and use the 120GB for OS, apps and data. I partitioned it into three segments: 20GB, 2GB (Mac OS 9), and 80GB. I also made a testing partition on the 160GB for testing things out, etc.

iTunes is amazing! Full screen visuals can reach 80fps, and 16x+ ripping speed! Oh, and not a single pop or hiss (the same cannot be said for my Beige G3, or even my my mom's aging iMac DV SE 400mhz). I used a 20-foot RCA-to-mini jack extension cable to hook up my new Mac to my stereo (replacing the RCA to RCA from my Beige G3) and it actually sounds better, I think? When my mom brings over my CD collection from the Island in mid-October, I am going to re-rip my entire collection so it has zero hisses and pops. I will use 320Kbps AAC and either 160Kbps or 192Kbps MP3s for my Sony Discman.

iPhoto is faster in slideshows, but still sluggish overall. I haven't tried iMovie yet, since I don't have a DV camera. Playing in iDVD, I did notice a few flaws in the iApp integration. iDVD only displays videos at the root level of your "Movies" folder. This means that most people will have to go into the finder and go into the sub folders in their Movies folder to get the movies they want to put on DVD. Hopefully Apple will fix this with the release of iDVD 4.

Having a SuperDrive is going to be great. I have over 5.5GB of photos and I can now archive them to one DVD (plus an odd CD or two). I can also archive my massive Steve Jobs' keynote collection - some keynotes weighing in at over 800MBs!

Now for the problems. Can you say hot? I put it in the cupboard where my Beige G3 was (which has the back off). OOPS! That was a mistake; the heat was so intense that it noticeably increased the temperature of my room. Off came the door, and the next problem surfaced. I put it to sleep when I went to bed Saturday night (I turned it off Friday night) and the pulsing power light lit my room up like a Christmas tree. So I put my door in front of it and it killed most of the light. By Sunday night I decided to just shut it off at night. It only takes 60 seconds to boot.

I bought a PC mic to put into the Line-In port and it didn't work. So now I'm back to square one with finding a low-cost iChat-compatible mic. Another problem is the keyboard space bar on the Pro Keyboard sometimes-double spaces. I've been used to the old ADB boards, so it'll take some getting used to. Either that, or I'll have to adjust the key repeat rate in the System Preferences.

I can understand why people who bought a DP 1.25GHZ last year are now upgrading to the DP 2GHZ G5. This thing is fast in a lot of tasks, but in other tasks it is slow. For me, I should be content with it for a couple years, and then get a nice DP 4GHZ G5. By then, Apple should have dual Optical Drive bays and four hard drive bays (optimistically speaking, that is).

Now what comes of my Beige G3? It has been promoted to Server Duty. It is running my personal site, development sites and other servers for my other work. I have been dreading this moment though. Why? One word: noise. With all those fans it isn't quiet, it hums along and I no longer am allowed a quiet nights' sleep.

I will have to take it off-line one day, though. I need to get OS X fully installed. It is hanging on the Aqua-blue screen of death after the startup items. So much for running the combo updater. Ironically, this only started after I got my new Mac (is someone bitter? Needs attention?). So I am left with running 10.2.0 with default Apache, PHP 4.1.2 (trying to get 4.3.2 to install) and MySQL 4.0.15. Since I am behind a hardware firewall, I should be fine for now.

Another thing that happened when I got my new Mac is I plugged in my Yamaha Firewire 16x10x40x CDRW and it just worked. For the last 1-2 months it hasn't wanted to work in my Beige G3. Since I have 2 CD-RW's in my new Mac I might look at selling it (subtle hint, I am in Canada). It has been rock-solid, but started getting flaky as soon as I added the slave drive to my Beige G3. I am 100% positive that that was what was causing the flakiness.

If this thing is fast in Jaguar, then it is going to fly in Panther. Only three months to go until I find out. If you have a MDD (Mirrored Drive Door) please share your experiences of it especially if you upgraded from a Beige G3.