I Hate Modens - Part 1

You heard me right. I hate modems. Since January 26, 1998, I have had an ADSL connection to the Internet. Man how that changes your life! I am on the Internet up to 15 hours a day. I may start reading a column on the web in the morning, go and do something else, and continue reading the column 10 hours later!

So what drove me to hate modems so much other then the fact that I now am surfing with a rocket powered boat vs. swimming my way around the web?

Well, when I did have a modem it was nothing but trouble (not including from January 16, 1995 - December 13, 1996 on the PC - that was living hell!). When I got my first Mac on December 13, 1996, I purchased a USR 33.6 external modem. It was fine until around mid -March 1997. Then I hit choppy waters. The modem (or was it my new all you can eat ISP I had just joined) kept dropping the connection to the Internet within minutes of connecting,

I thought it was my ISP, so I was on the phone with them almost daily trying to solve the problem, since everything they suggested didn't work. I even connected to my current ISP, (who was bought by a larger ISP, and then got bought back by another local ISP and couldn't have dial up service as part of the buyback at that time) and the modem dropped the connection with them too. The all you can eat ISP kept on saying it was my modem.

This went on for a good 2 months with my modem dropping the connection. In May, I called USR Canada, and they decided to replace the modem. So I got the new mode, and sent the old one back. I fired up the new modem and the same thing occurred. I then sent modem #2 back and also asked for the 56K upgrade ($7.50). When I received modem #2, the connection was still being dropped.

Then I thought it was my computer (I had to replace the serial ports on my Power Computing Powerbase immediately after I bought it at my expense since I couldn't afford to ship it back to the US for 1 week to get the ports replaced). I was going away for a week in June so I could afford to be without it for a week. On the Thursday before I left, I FedEx'd the computer and the modem to Power Computing's repair center in Texas. On the Monday, when I spoke with the tech support person I was dealing with, he said he was able to remain connected for over 3 1/2 hours. So I told him to keep testing it until Thursday since I wouldn't be back until Friday.

On Friday I arrived home and I got the computer back and was back to square one. In early July, I gave up on my all you can eat ISP. So I phoned up and requested a refund for my remaining 3 months of service. They said they had a no refund policy. So after about 2 weeks of moving up the ladder to higher level people, I was finally granted a refund minus a $10 refund fee. So I got back $57.

Stay tuned for part 2 of "Why I hate Modems." On Monday's "Mac Write Daily"