Mastering .Mac: How to Manage Your Homepage Via the .Mac Website

I have used .Mac to setup several web pages. All my web pages are listed on the top of all the individual web pages, and I would like to delete one of them. How do I do that? Secondly, I don't want to allow access to all of my web pages, when I give out just one of the address. How can I limit access?

To manage your .Mac homepage (and for that matter your .Mac account) - go to and on the left side, you will see a link to login. Login using your .Mac login name and password. Next click homepage in the left column. You will now be taken to the homepage section of .Mac. Along the top (below the Apple navigation) you will see "Homepage" on the left, below it you will see the URL for your website, and on the right a button to announce your website to the world.

Below that will you see "Pages:" with a 2-column finder-like window. In the left column are the web pages you have created. Clicking one of the created web pages will display info on that web page in the right column.

Clicking on a page will display an icon representing what type of web page it is in the right column with what category the web page is. Additionally, theme used, last date modified, and visitors to the page will also be shown. You have a few options as to what you can do with them:

  • Edit selected webpage
  • Delete selected webpage
  • Change the order of the pages
  • Password protect a site
  • Create new sub site
  • Create new homepage

You can also create sub sites. This would allow you to have a public site with links to pages you want the public to see, and then create a different site for say family only and also password protect it.

Add a new webpage
Clicking the "add" button will take you to the "Theme Selection" page, you can also just scroll down to bottom half off the page and it is also there. On the "Theme Selection" section, you can choose the category from the left, and then the different themes for that category on the right. An icon representing what the theme will look like is shown to help you decide.

If you see a theme you like and would like to change an existing page to use that theme you can do that, too.

Edit web page
Select a page you would like to edit, and then click the "edit" button. The page will load with text fields for the title, navigation name, etc. You will also notice along the top (below the Apple navigation bar) a tool bar that looks like it is from iPhoto. You can change the view from two to three columns or vise versa. Clicking the "Themes" button will take you to the "Themes" selection page. If you created your photo album from within iPhoto, you noticed there were five choices for themes. If you edit your homepage on .Mac you have access to a much greater choice of themes. The next button will allow you to preview your site and the last one is to publish your site. If you want to change the order of your photo album, then click and hold the photo and drag it to place you want it to appear instead.

Delete Webpage
Select the page you want to delete and then click "delete." A warning telling you once you delete the page it can't be recovered will display. Click "Ok" and you have deleted the page.

Create a new Site and password protect it
To create a new site so you can have a public and private site, click the arrow to the right of the "Create new site" on the right side of the main homepage page. Name your site, and then if you choose set a password so only people you want to see the site can see it.

Moving pages from to the site you want.
Once you have created more than one site, a third column will appear on the left. This column is a list of the sites you have created. Click on the top site, since it is were all the pages you created are located. Now select a page, and drag it to the other site you want it on.