Peer Presure

New computer buyer: I am looking for a new computer.

Best friend: Buy a Pentium III 1ghz they're the fastest computer on the planet.

New computer buyer: Really?

Best friend: Yeah the fastest computer!

New computer buyer: I heard someone mention Macintosh and the G4 being the world's fastest computer.

Best Friend: Nope Macs suck. The PIII is the world's fastest computer and Apple is dead, Macs break down, and crash all the time.

Have you heard this or heard of someone that got a PC cause of Peer Pressure? Apple has lost millions of sales of Macs due to clueless people and clueless sales people giving new computer buyers the wrong information about Macintosh's.

Someone goes into a store wanting to buy a Macintosh and the sales person give them incorrect information like "Apple is dead" or "there's hardly any software for the Mac" and statements like that. Then the sales person convinces the person that a PC running Windoze 98 is the best computer in the world (yeah right).

How does the sales person know 100% that a PC running Windoze 98 is the best computer in the world? They don't. A massive majority of sales people don't know what they're talking about when it comes to computers. They were either hired cause they had past sales experience or they looked like they could sell.

They usually have very little training and draw their information from people they know or talk to. 99% of those people are PC dudes who think the Mac is junk, or think Apple has gone under. So then these sales people with this knowledge get a job in a computer store and the store happens to sell Macs.

So one day a person comes into that store and goes over to the Macintosh area. They start playing around with the Mac and then the sales guy with his anti Mac knowledge comes over.

New computer user: Hey people I have spoken to said the Mac is a great computer for the first time buyer very user friendly.

Sales guy: That is not true. Your friends don't know what they're talking about. Apple is dead. You want a PC. The new Pentium III is the world's fastest computer and has tens of thousands of software titles, where as the Mac has less then 100 if that. Come over here and let me introduce you to this Compaq PIII 450mhz its half the price of this Mac and 5 times the machine.

So the new computer person goes over to the PC and they see all that PC software and go home with a PC thinking that Apple has gone under.

It is cause of sales people like this that Apple only has 6% market share. If only sales people had been trained with the facts, Apple would have market share in the 50%-80% range. Every time I read a column that reads like what I have stated, well you don't want to know what I want to do. I will tell you about Mac column reading in a future column.

It is our job as Mac users when we are in a store with Macs and we see a new computer user looking at the Mac to go over there and inform the person about Macs and answer any of their questions. Tell them the truth.

I was in a Compucentre last December and an older gentleman was looking at an iMac Rev D, so I asked him if he was new to computers. He said his kids had his old 486. I asked if he had had trouble with it and he said yes. He said that he was always having trouble with it.

I told him about the iMac and the new iMacs that had just come out. He was interested so I showed him the Mac OS. I think he was seeing the light. So Mac users we must prevail against these sales people that don't know jack and inform the new user while promoting that store, so we don't get kicked out.

So the next time you're in your local computer store selling Macs and you see a new computer user looking at the Mac. Go over and help them out answer their questions and inform them of why the Mac will be friendlier to them compared with a PC.