Random Ramblings

Before I go into this week's column, I have been kicking around some names for my weekly Wednesday column (Update now publishing on Friday's). One name I though of is "the H Files" or "The T Files". Tell me what you think and in a couple weeks I will tell the name of my weekly Wednesday (Update now publishing on Friday's). column.

The last few days have been very entertaining. A movie predicting what will happen when Y2K hits. Funny enough the movie title is "Y2K". Mac Launch starting a new weekly chat with 2 columnists from Applelinks Ok so its been quite a dull week (hey I can try to make it look exciting). Oh yeah and the disappearing act of the Insiders.

Disappearing insiders? I haven't seen an update from Apple Insider since November 11. What's going on here? Has Apple Insider run out of insider information? Have the Apple Lawyers taken them out of commission for publishing those iMac DV pictures? Who knows. It has been 2 weeks since their last update and no one knows when they will return. Let's hope they do, or do we want them to return?

Wouldn't be nice if we could actually go to a Steve Jobs keynote and be surprised by what he has to show? I remember going to the WWDC downlink last May. During the keynote Steve Jobs announced QT streaming to be coming out in 1999 and Mac OS X. They totally got me off guard with those announcements. With all these rumor sites out there, soon we will know every single detail of a Steve Jobs keynote well in advance of it coming from the horse's mouth.
* * * * *
On Sunday night I watched the NBC Movie "Y2K". I clearly knew that it was not real but it still got my heart pounding. Could there really be a wide scale blackout? I know for sure that if there is a wide scale blackout that panic or riots are inevitable. So what will happen? No one knows and no one can predict exactly what will happen.

I know that my embedded computer chip devices will work since they are less then 3 years old except my TV, which is a 91 Toshiba. One thing that might fail is my watch. Since it is a Microsoft Timex DataLink.

Another thing that may or may not work is my computer. Huh my computer? I thought you had a Macintosh. I do, but I also have VPC that I got when I bought my computer and it runs Windows 95 with USB suppor, so I am not quite sure which version of Windows 95 it is. I have no clue if it will fail or not. Since it does use my Mac's clock I assume it will be fine. In the case that it isn't I won't go out and buy Windows 98. Enough of Y2K talk since every one has talked it to death.
* * * * *

Over the weekend Mac OS Rumors put up screenshots of Mac OS X (10) Developer Release 2. I took a look at the screenshots and my mouth was watering. I can't wait for Mac OS X to debut. I have been hearing from variouss sites asking people if they would pay for a prerelease preview for the public of say $15-$50. I would definitely pay the bucks. The day Mac OS X is released, I will of course go out and buy it. I then will lock myself in my room for about a month and spend 20+ hours a day learning every single pixel of Mac OS X. I want to become a Mac OS X expert.

I will get a copy of Apache web server and make a beta server on my computer so I can test web sites and become a really good web designer. Wow, running Unix applications under the Mac OS. Mac OS X will be geek heaven for Linux buffs. No longer will they have to have a separate partition or computer to run LinuxPPC on their Mac. Their Mac will be a Linux box.

* * * * *

On Tuesday Mac Launch introduced a new weekly chat with John Farr of the Farr Site and John Martellaro of the War Core both columnists for Applelinks. Mac Launch uses a Java based chat and well, it's great but I think it was written with Windows code. It seems to me that every time I try to scroll backwards it freezes my computer.

The chat was great though. It was fun and I think it will become a huge success. I just hope the server can handle the load. If you ever are on the Mac Launch chat, I am BigT. Mac Launch is a great site so check em out.

Is it strange that you find most of us Mac columnists out there either living or staying on mountains? John Farr is at 7,500 feet, John Martellaro is at 9,000 feet, and when I go to my Mom's I am at 950 feet with a dynamite view. I can see all of Vancouver, the Gulf Islands, and even Mount Baker down in the U.S. When I was there 2 weeks ago, the cloud cover was below us! Wow what a site, actually living above the clouds. Hey maybe I will see angels flying around.