The Waiting Game

It is 6:50pm PST Tuesday evening. I am sitting at my computer when I get ICQ'd by someone saying has just broken the news that the iBook SE, and an iBook speed bump have just been announced by Steve Jobs at Macworld Tokyo.

The race has begun. I immediately go to and see if they have any information from the keynote. I click on the bookmark for the site and then - nothing - the site is over loaded with people logging on to get info. I finally get in and click on the Tokyo MW coverage and low and behold - indeed the iBook speed bump and iBook SE have been announced.

Now the refresh game begins. I am now madly hitting refresh every minute to get the blow by blow from I then go to Mac OS Rumors to see if they have any info. They do but it's only a couple lines. I then hit Apple Insider - they don't even have a sentence on the keynote.

Next on my list of sites to get info is I get there low and behold nothing. So I go back to - still nothing - I then go to Mac Central. They have some info stating that Pismo the next PowerBook has been announced. It is now 8pm and still no update at I am also on the phone calling my friend trying to tell him the news but I get his v-mail. 8:15 I am rapidly reloading and low and behold - the info on the iBook, PowerBook, and speed bumped Power Mac G4's is up.

Now I start looking at the configurations for the new PB - yes the-mid range model is getting closer to what I want in a PB before I will buy one. It has a 14.1 display (I will most likely wait for a 15.3 display before I buy one since I am visually impaired), 128MB (that is the minimum ram I want - I would prefer 256MB), and a 12GB Hard Drive. Oh yeah, of course, 2 Firewire ports. Now all I need to do is get some work and get ready to purchase one in October/November.

* * * * * *

It is 5:50pmWednesday evening. I get an e-mail stating that the Apple Store Canada has arrived. I click on the link - YES the Apple Store Canada has landed. To make Apple Store Canada even better - I can now custom build the computer I want (up until this time Canadian's couldn't Built To Order) - just like in the US.

I call my friend - I get his v-mail again. Back to the Apple Store Canada - I costume configure a PowerBook - I have found out that before tax I can get the exact configuration I want for $5,173.00 Canadian. Oh boy - this is pure heaven. Only if there had been an Apple Store in Canada when I bought my first G3 a G3 MT 266 Rev A. I would have gotten a 12GB vs. 6GB and 128MB dimm vs. 32MB+ 128MB dimm. Canadians have been waiting over 2 years for the Apple Store Canada - now it is here.