There is only so much that is possible that you can do for os x, besides give it a rest

Now I know there is a number of you complaining that os x isn't good enough. OS X is already doing the impossible, give it a break already ;p

True, there has been next and rhapsody in the past. Although with os x, they pretty much started from scratch. True, they took bits and pieces from those projects (and freebsd and linux) but they had to stick those parts together, and make the rest. They have made half a dozen new api's on the spot, a new (modified) kernel, about 9 environments (mini-os's) that run inside it

With that, they also made a new gui and brand new utilities and programs to manage it (System Presences) all from scratch to go along with it.

From zero programs to over 10,000 programs in about a year. That's a MASSIVE improvement. There is much more to come, and this is ignoring the classic app's and (probably) what came with the system.

Linux has been around 10 years, and its finally starting to get attention that it deserves! Os X has been getting attention from the general public, pretty much from the start! Impossible

Many are complaining that not everything is working correctly, or that such-n-such feature isn't in there. This is a brand new breed, It has nothing to do with mac os! The exception of classic environment, it is entirely *nix based! Getting most of the old programs to work, in an environment they were never intended to run in first place and -seamlessly-. Impossible! Especially for a brand NEW os that has just came out!

While even then, its done in a safe way. In which "classic" is kept in a clean room, where it can't harm the system, but flexible enough so you can get your work done.

Well, windows has this and that. Yes, but its OLD. With the exception of nt/2k, it is running on DOS. That's right, that old command line based stuff they had 15+ years ago! Dos was NEVER invented to run a gui. Its in the name itself (originally QDOS) Quick and Dirty Operation System. It was meant as a simple little os to be used for personal computers for loading programs and moving around in the system. So that's a big reason why windows machine crash all the time and have conflicts. It still has roots in that old system, and for the most part, are forced to still be compatible (for a good about of drivers,programs. etc wouldn't work). Windows 2000, is better but it still has it's problems. 2k has to at least keep some compatibility (with drivers and api's) to work. You can (in some cases) you win9x/me drivers in windows 2000, BUT at the loss of the stability of you r system. It could even become more unstable then win9x alone! Plus the fact that it could in the process disable other devices. Windows NT (back then windows for workgroup's) has gone through 5 whole RELEASES. Roughly 10 years! Its gone through a number of troubles and growing pains before its gotten to where it is today. If we compare os x to just about any other operating system, its very much the new kid on the block. So looking at how well os x is doing, it is doing the impossible. Doing better then anyone expected! So stop comparing it in the same category as the operating systems that are already established. They have had years (decades) to prepare. Even if you do compare, it doesn't do that bad at all. Impossible. In the end, apple is doing the best they can to get os x out and as a competitive operating system. Although there is less polish in os x then there is in 9, and many fell there is too little. True, it still has a way to go, but you have to start somewhere. For perhaps it might not seem that good for the moment, but it will soon pass. For it will be better in the long run, for the developers, who were waiting desperately for something final on os x to come out. For they wouldn't start until the final version would be out. Now its out, the app's for os x that run natively are catching up, and quite fast indeed. So now when 10.1 will be out, and most app's that have been in port/conversion/creating had about a year to work on. So when the polished version of os x (10.1) comes out, the programs will be ready to match.