Living The ilife

I'm one who has been looking forward to the threatened release of the new iApps since the iSteve first demoed them at MWSF. I saw a lot to like and was thrilled that so many of the rumor sites had missed the boat in predicting that there would be a fee for the refreshed suite of software.

Setting Up An X Server On Mac OS X

With the advent of Apple X11, it is a sure bet that the X Window system is here to stay on Mac OS X. Though it does not yet come bundled with the operating system, you can install it yourself. Here's how.

Outrage, Blame, And The Mirror Of Responsibility

A man is seriously injured while crossing a public street. He is struck by a one of two cars driven by the participants in an illegal street race. How do you judge him? If you consider that he was in a crosswalk, do you rate him as the victim of a terrible tragedy? Might you see fit to declare him to be the vile perpetrator of a crime?

Remember that question. We'll come back to it later.

The Mountains We Make, And Secret Weapons To Plow Them Under

Someone, somewhere, once said that its the little things that matter. Today I'm going to talk about one of those little things. Some of you may rise to your feet, point your finger at the monitor and declare, "SEE!" Others will shake your head in disbelief and vow never to read this column again. The rest of you will nod knowingly, and go about your lives as if you have other things to consider that are of greater importance to you.

You'll all be right.

How to Point a Static Domain to Your Home Computer - Part 1

If you have a server running on your home computer (web, ftp, file sharing, etc) or want to have a server hosted on your broadband Internet connection (ADSL, Cable, Satellite), having a static domain name pointing to your dynamic or static IP will make it easier for others, and you to connect to your server/computer remotely.

Ten More Mac OS X Loose Ends Part Two

Last week we considered a list of five items to enhance the Mac OS X Jaguar user experience. Today we will look at five more that tweak a few of OS X's unix underpinnings. You can do this!

This is Your Father's iPhoto

In keeping with last week's article I was elated that the iSteve announced that, for now, the bulk of the iApps would continue to be downloadable for the low, low price of, well, nothing. Not only am I just as tight as the next guy, but I do so enjoy the rumor sites being proved wrong and a few surprises being spring on us during the keynote. That said, I wanted to spend a few minutes telling you about an application that will very soon be obsolete. I'm referring to iPhoto.

Poof! Safari Erased My Hard-Drive!

The evening of January 7th, after hours of work retouching digital photos, I was ready to do something fun. I dutifully saved my laboriously-retouched Photoshop files into desktop folders. That completed the day and evening's mission, preparing the files to be printed for client delivery the next morning.

Safari Rendered My System Unstable

After downloading Safari and spending some time enjoying the browser's "turbo speed" on my 56k, I encountered some serious problems. At very first, Software Update had unexpectedly quit on me after I attempted to download the iCal 1.0.2 update. I tried numerous times to startup Software Update, but had no luck (Safari effect #1). I don't remember what drove me to the Apple Discussion boards, but I spent the next 2 days searching and posting in hopes of some insight.

Ten More Mac OS X Loose Ends Part One

When it comes to computers, the user experience can always be improved. When it comes to Mac OS X, just a few tweaks will do the job. And it gets better, as the good folks at Apple's software division keep making it so. Witness the announcements in the Macworld keynote this past week.

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