GhostScript for Mac OS X

By now, many of you hard-core unix fans have discovered Mac OS X and its unix roots. Others of you know about them, but don't know where to start. The GhostScript and GhostView applications for viewing PostScript files are a good place.

Mac OS X Jaguar Tweaks Part 2

It is always easier to see the defects than the virtues first. Yet that may be to the good, as the defects get dealt with at the start, and we move on from there. So it is with Mac OS X Jaguar.

Mac OS X Jaguar Tweaks Part 1

With any major software upgrade, there comes a risk of losing existing functionality. The Mac OS X Jaguar upgrade is no exception. A few surreptitious tweaks will bring things back.

OpenOffice X For Mac OS X Part Two

A couple of weeks ago we looked at OpenOffice for Mac OS X, an open source port of StarOffice. Like the Linux version, it runs as an X Window application. It could be your mainline office package someday.

PowerLogix G4 Upgrade CPU and Mac OS X

There is nothing quite like an engine replacement to boost horsepower. The PowerLogix PowerForce G4 ZIF 550MHz upgrade CPU for Macintosh G3 towers is no exception. Combine it with Mac OS X, and you get a winning team.

PowerLogix has been making Mac processor upgrades for a while. I do not recall how or through whom PowerLogix got recommended to us. Nevertheless, in a word, this upgrade gets two thumbs up from me.

OpenOffice X For Mac OS X

After a long wait, the open source version of Sun's StarOffice, called OpenOffice, has become available for Mac OS X. While pre-beta software, nevertheless it is worth the wait.

Virtual PC for Mac OS X

If you have a need to run Windows, Linux, or some other x86 operating system and you don't want the bother of an additional computer system, then run it on your Mac! With Virtual PC, of course.

Buffoons at Large -- These Guys Are Professionals

A few weeks ago Apple Computer announced their quarterly earnings. Once again the leadership at Apple succeeded in thinking different and not performing at all like the rest of the computer industry. Well, most of the industry, anyway. What did they come up with that was so startlingly out of character? Come here. Closer. I'll whisper it to you. See, I don't want to say it too loud. Ready? Here it is:

They made a profit.

Serious Apple Server Released. Many skeptical

There is a subtle, yet upsetting murmur echoing through the IT industry. Believe it or not, its XServe-centric. Apple's sleek new rack unit has many hardened systems administrators reevaluating the Mac as a serious contender in the technology delivery arena.

RealOne Player for Mac OS X

After what feels like a long wait, the long-awaited Mac OS X version of the venerable RealPlayer is out. And it's real. Give it a listen.

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