Realistic Switching From a Windows Network Engineer's Point of View

Firstly, let me give a bit of background information on myself to help you put my views into context. My name is Jamie van Dyke, and I've been working with PCs since the early age of four. To fully define my 'geekness', I wrote my first BASIC program 6 months later. Obviously it was not the most elaborate of designs. It was an amalgamation of two source code released applications

Mac OS X Panther Installation

The latest and greatest from Cupertino is always exciting. I too pre-ordered my copy of Panther, the latest major release of the Mac OS X operating system. Installation went fine except for one step, which needed a little help.

Basically, any major operating system upgrade involves booting from an installation disk, and feeding disks thereafter, if any. My installation of Panther failed during pre-processing of the second of the three installation CDs.


Missing the Boat on Panther

Nearly every Mac web site has posted some kind of Panther (Mac OS X.3) review, and nearly all reviewers have missed the boat. The most revolutionary feature of Panther has been almost universally overlooked.

It is easy to find stories that hype or deride the new brushed metal look of the Finder. Most even mention how to "turn the look off", but none of them tell you why the metal is there and what the metal means.

Mastering .Mac: How to Manage Your Homepage Via the .Mac Website

I have used .Mac to setup several web pages. All my web pages are listed on the top of all the individual web pages, and I would like to delete one of them. How do I do that? Secondly, I don't want to allow access to all of my web pages, when I give out just one of the address. How can I limit access?

Burning my First DVD

As I write this, I am doing the final check on my first DVD I have ever burned.

First Impressions My new PowerMac!!!

Can you say fast? This thing is a beast! It takes my Beige G3 to the cleaners.

On Friday my new PowerMac G4 DP 1.25GHZ arrived and man is this thing fast! I BTO'd it with a SuperDrive and Combo Drive, along with 512MB of Kingston RAM for a total of 768MB. Of course, I will likely give in to the urge and max it out within the next 12 months. I also upgraded the stock 80GB HD to 160GBs. This thing is blazing fast - and supports Mac OS 9 for the times I want to play Carmageddon or Unreal - at least until they are carbonized (one only hopes).

The Corrupt Apple

Well five years, three months and 18 days ago on Thursday June 4, 1998, my last Mac arrived.

The Times Are A-Changing

Someone once said that the biggest problem with cigarettes is that they donít kill quickly enough. Thereís probably some truth to that. After all, if people were shown to develop cancer or some other terminal malady after only a dozen or so puffs, theyíd be immediately outlawed. Since the product takes years or even decades to actually kill someone, it is allowed to thrive and continues to be sold.

The lesson here is that time makes all the difference.

Sonnet Encore Ziff G4 500mhz CPU for my Beige G3

After expecting a G5 in January - plans changed two weeks ago, and I now expect a Dual 3GHZ no earlier than Summer 2004. This has an upside and a downside. The upside is instead of a Dual 2.5GHZ on a 130nm CPU I will have a Dual 3GHZ G5 on a 90nm CPU - along with possibly Dual Optical drive bays and three to four hard drive bays. The downside is to get my work done over the next year, my Beige G3 won't cut it - even with maxed out upgrades (other than the CPU). So I was granted a CPU by my new job and last weekend I installed it with the help of Damien who has done several CPU upgrades on Macs.

Strike Now!

My father served with the United States Navy during the Korean conflict. He was assigned to a Destroyer. Story telling has never been something he shied away from but oddly enough he doesnít tell too many tales about those days. One of the phrases I learned from him, which survives to this day,

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