Turning Mac OS X into a Lean Mean Web Serving Machine - Part II - Installing the newest version of Apache

Last time I showed you how to enable the root account, and install the developer tools which are both needed to install the latest version of Apache.

Palm to Mac

Fully a week has passed, and Mac OS X is still running happily on my iMac. It's a keeper. Of course it supports several Classic applications, and, if anything, they run better within X than under native Mac OS 9. One recalcitrant application had been crashing the system lately. It now crashes the Classic Environment instead, which is restarted easily. Good deal!

Turning Mac OS X into a Lean Mean Web Serving Machine - Part I

On Saturday March 24, 2001 Apple released "The Next Generation" of the Mac OS to the world -"Mac OS X." Mac OS X has a Unix core (Darwin), and is nearly crash proof. Thanks to the Darwin core, Mac OS X includes the world's most powerful and free web server Apache. Along with this and the Unix under pinning, you are able to install PHP, and MySQL, along with any other Unix applications you could want for a web server (sendmail, BIND, etc).

Mac OS X First Look

In Canada it's called a hat trick. In the States, it's three strikes and you're out. But not this time. By any measure, Mac OS X, which debuted on March 24, 2001, is a shutout victory!

Comdex Canada West 2001

Comdex has come and gone for another year. Originally the Pacific Rim Exhibition, it morphed into Comdex/PacRim a few years ago, and finally to just Comdex. Every yearís show presents the Latest and Greatest of anything to do with computers. Yet each year also carries a unique theme.

Interview with Dan Knight

I have been lucky enough to have been allowed to have a interview with Dan Knight! He is (if you didn't already know) the webmaster/CEO/know it all that runs lowendmac.com (one of the granddaddy of Mac sites). He has recently started

Q: What was the original setup of lowendmac?

Getting Apache with Server Side Includes and CGI running under OS X (BETA)

So many people have attempted to get Apache working under OS X with Server Side Includes and CGI, but like most people, couldn't get it to work. I was one of those people. I figured out the secret that has gone unanswered on all those Messages Boards. So I present you with a step-by-step process for getting Server Side Includes and CGI running on Mac OS X Public Beta. To see for yourself, check out my server.

Disaster Strikes, Installing, and the Tour of OS X PB Begins

Before I get into today's column, I would like to tell you of a scary couple of minutes last night (Monday night 11:15pm) just before I was getting ready to do to the final edit of this column. I had classic running along with SoundJam (classic) and Gerry's ICQ. I pulled the classic icon from the dock to the middle of my screen so I could watch it get sucked back into the dock. Well the icon decided to just stick there, and take down all my classic apps.

Waiting for UPS to deliver OS X Public Beta

I was going to write about Installing OS X and my initial take on it today, but I thought you might want to here about my adventures in getting OS X PB first.

Preparing Your Mac for Mac OS X

Welcome to a new series on Mac Write entitled "The Undiscovered Country." This series is devoted to poking into every square inch of Mac OS X (Public Beta at present) and tell you about what I find. I also will be giving my thoughts on what Mac OS X will mean to you and how it will change your life forever!

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