Fast Fixes for FAXstf for Mac OS X

Some time back, this column penned some thoughts on FAXstf for Mac OS X, a nice commercial fax program. With the passage of time, inevitably things break once or twice. Here are a few tips to keep FAXstf happy.

A Virtual Desktop for Mac OS X

No matter how large one's computer display is, like closet space it's never enough. A concept called virtual desktops was invented some years ago, and has been implemented in various ways since. One option for the Mac OS X operating system is CodeTek VirtualDesktop, an application that extends the display beyond its borders.

Mac Boredom

Iím not one to concern myself with superstition, but that fabled Chinese curse about living in interesting times is one Iíd prefer to avoid. The past couple of weeks have certainly been interesting. Of course, those IT types who are having to wage war with any of the several,íll have to look that up sometime....know just how interesting such a career can be.

21st Century Leader...Um...Ship

If youíre sick and tired of hearing about the latest spate of sickening violations of Microslothís lame attempt at system security, well, read on anyway.

The iPhoto and .Mac Homepage Blues

This past weekend, I showed my mom how to create photo albums in iPhoto. After we did that, and she mastered rotating, and got all her photo albums looking the way she wanted I said "now to put them on your website click homepage." And this is where the problems began.

Another Worm Turns

I rejoiced last week when I read a number of news pieces regarding the seeming defeat of UCITA. Frankly I intended to turn in a very passionate and long-winded oratory on why this is a good thing.

Maybe Iíll do that next week.

Protocol Helpers and Mac OS X

It seems that Mac OS X does not have a built-in way to easily change associations between various internet protocols such as ftp and one's applications of choice to handle these protocols. MoreInternet, a system preference for OS X, fills that need.

iPaving the Way

So there are a few very lame groups who donít want to sell their music on Appleís iTunes music store. Too bad, so sad, I say. Metallica and the Red Hot Chilé Peppers arenít bucking the evil trend. They ARE the evil trend. I understand true artists wanting to maintain the integrity of the work they turn out. I have no problem with them wanting their audience to experience the whole product in its entirety. And, Iím the first to admit that Iím a fan of neither of those groups so Iím at something of a disadvantage when it comes to critiquing their work.

Memory Leaks in Mac OS X

Recently Apple released a version 10.2.6 update for its Mac OS X operating system. According to certain internet buzz, this update does more than provide bug fixes and security patches. It purportedly causes a near-runaway condition called a memory leak. A problem that transcends the boundaries between operating systems, the solution may be to wait for the next great patch to fix the last one.

Oversights and Opportunities

The current incarnation of the MacOS is far and away the best user experience there is when it comes to desktop computing. At least, thatís my not so humble opinion. Thatís a far cry from saying that its perfect, which it isnít. Its certainly elegant, which has always been my favorite way of describing it. For whatever reason, there have been some oversights which I would never have expected to pass muster in Appleís testing groups.

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