Mac Essay: Real-life Retrospective on "Switching"

On December 19, 2002, I purchased an 800MHZ 12" iBook, my first Mac ever. I was stoked. I had spent weeks staring at it on,reading about it on, and hearing about the all around benefits from my Mac friends. At first glance, the iBook I bought was somewhat alien, but as time passed I came to realize that was only because I treated it like a PC, which is more or less a common thing, or so I'm told.

Coupling an Asante NAT Gateway with Mac OS X

For quite some time this column has been touting the virtues of Asante routers, among others. Recently, Critical Mass purchased an Asante FR3002AL wireless NAT gateway and FS5005C ethernet switch pair. While they work well now, the initial setup was not without its teething pains.

A Visit to the Darkside

Sometimes we Mac users are every bit as bad as windows users, in our own way. We donít hesitate to point out that if they only knew better, they would certainly Switch. But they donít know better. Sometimes, we donít either.

I confess, I very often donít speak from experience. Some things Iíve read about, some Iíve heard about second hand, and others Iíve seen. Thatís not to say I donít ever get my hands dirty. I do. In fact I have a peecee that I used on a daily basis. I just donít use it very much.

Taking Screenshots In Mac OS X

Often you know what you are looking for but do not have its name, thus are stymied for finding it. Taking screenshots in Mac OS X could be like that for anyone not raised on an earlier Mac OS. Here is the skinny.

We Are Diseased, And Microsoft Is The Symptom

Who are you friends with? Who do you associate with? What kind of people are they and what would you do for them? In all likelihood they are people who are very much like you. They have the same, or at the very least similar, interests. In all probability they are denizens of the same social class as you are. After all, if youíre rich you probably gravitate toward other well-to-do folks who occupy the same level of the social strata as you do. You donít often have a lot to do with people who are very far beneath your status, any more than folks who are positioned above you in the societal food chain will choose to associate with you.

iChat, uChat, We All Chat

I do so enjoy an iSteven performance. His keynotes are the stuff on-stage legends are made of. Its clear that he enjoys putting on his dog and pony show just as much as we enjoy taking it in. He is so in his element up there, trotting out the latest and greatest of Appleís offerings.

Of course, one canít comment on the fine job he does without touching on the famed Jobs Reality Distortion Field. Just now I expect a number of telecommunications executives are wishing that the iSteve had kept his new reality to himself.

Mac OS X hosts File Regrouped

A few months ago we looked at a method for trimming down the advertising noise on your Mac desktop. With time, a procedure like this gets fine-tuned. Here is the latest for Mac OS X Jaguar.

MacTech Basics Exposed

Believe it or not, countless Macs fall ill to a number of maladies each day. Although these occurrences are fewer and less frequent than in the PC world, a conscientious Mac user needs to be armed in times of distress. With the help of this article and a few inexpensive tools, you can be ready for about anything that could ail your Mac.

Five Years on My Beige G3; Two More to Go: Part One

On May 11, 1998, I attended the satellite downlink for the World Wide Developer Conference keynote. That event would forever change the face of the Mac platform and my future as a user.


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