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Something completely ordinary is happening in the world of computing and technology. Its something that we chafe at, but largely take for granted. Time and again Apple Computer manages to step a little deeper into the limelight and make the rest of the money grubbing world look like the bunch of amateurs that they are. Thatís not to say that Apple isnít interested in making money. Of course they are. But they fight tooth and nail to devise, dare I repeat the mantra? Crafting Insanely Great Products is Appleís game. The also-rans of the world, notably the likes of Dell and Microsoft, simply take what others have done, run it through a really crappy copier, and slap a cheap label on it.

A Mac OS X Hard Disk Upgrade

It is the nature of software to grow. The math is simple. More features equals more software code. The cost is a hard drive upgrade once in a while, a process much simplified by Carbon Copy Cloner for Mac OS X.

Standards? Try Stoopiditee

The publishing division of a sizable telecommunications company is in the process of being sold. The sale isnít really something the parent company wants to do. After all, the division for sale is a cash cow. But the, ahem, bottom line, is that the parent company is deep in debt, courtesy of the mismanagement of a decidedly overpaid, and no longer engaged, chief executive. Yes, the companies involved shall remain nameless.

Windows guy buys a Mac

Greetings Macfriends. Since this is my first article for MacWrite, I think a little housekeeping is in order. I am a Windows guy. I have been using Windows since version 3.1 and continue to do so, albeit with less and less frequency. As the title of the article suggests, I have recently procured a G3 iBook. MacWrite thought it would be interesting to get the perspective of someone that is new to the platform. I guess you, good readers, will be the judge of that. So without further ado, I present you my first MacWrite article.

One-hour Website

Spending tedious hours squinting at running lines of code is a thing of the past. Web sites are now easier to create than ever. With a few simple tricks, you'll be on the road to a snazzy site. And hey, it'll be fun, too!

It seems like everyone needs, or wants, a web site. From clubs and scouting organizations to religious groups and personal interests, the web can be a venue to cheaply and easily spread information to an unfathomable number of people.

Hard Drive Saga Part Three: Replacement Drive and File Management with Two Hard Drives

In Part One and Two of my hard drive saga, I talked about how my Maxtor 60GB gave signs of immanent failure, and how I got a new hard drive since I couldn't trust using the warranty replacement as a primary drive. Today I will talk about my replacement drive arriving with a surprise, and looking at different partitioning options for building an effective file management system for keeping my files safe.

The Beige G3: 1997-2003

It seems Apple has sentenced the beige G3 to death-while sparing the tray loading iMac.

LimeWire for Mac OS X - Kazaa!

A few weeks back, we looked at Neo for Mac OS X, a neoKazaa client. Today we take the OS X version of LimeWire for a testdrive, a client on the familiar Gnutella network.

iTunes Tweak Mirror of American Society

Raise your hand if you were in any way surprised by Appleís minor revamp of iTunes. If I could see you, I donít imagine Iíd spy too many hands in the air. After all, the problem that Apple was gently combating with its debut of the iTunes Music Store was the fact that so many of us were content to take whatever we could without offering any compensation to those who had created the music in the first place.

Moving from MP3 to AAC Not as Easy as One Two Three

When Apple announced iTunes 4 with the inclusion of AAC - a new audio codec developed by Dolby, with claims that it is higher quality than MP3 at the same bit rate - I was eager to convert all my CD's to AAC to get the higher quality audio. However, this wasn't going to be as easy as one two three.

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