X-CD-Roast For Mac OS X

If you run X Window server software on your CD burner-equipped Mac, you may be interested in an X package called X-CD-Roast, well-known in the Linux world, but fresh to Mac.

A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to the Web

How many web browsers do you use? Regularly I mean? I myself have been known to use as many as four. Which one I was using at any given time depended on what I was doing. For example, if I was at work using one of our corporate web sites, there is a good chance I was using Internet Exploder. On the other hand, if I was just engaged in some run-of-the-mill surfing I usually defaulted to OmniWeb.

Mating A D-Link DI-704P Router With Mac OS X

Network technologies have advanced light years in a fraction of our lifetimes. Many of these technologies have distilled down to the consumer price point, and are a tremendous value. Take, for example, the plethora of combo NAT gateway network devices such as the D-Link DI-704P.

Now, I got into a lot of trouble with some of you the last time we talked about this stuff. So let me give you my rationale for recommending a non-Mac-certified device right up front. It goes like this.

Not So Bright Future for the Mac

I'm sad to say that I had a revelation last week. Actually, it would be more appropriate, or more accurate, to say that I was served a revelation. No, before you begin to wonder, there weren't any law enforcement officials involved.

My day job is at a rather large telecommunications company. I'm told the value of the company is upwards of six billion dollars and I find that to be a pretty conservative estimate. Suffice it to say, the company owns a lot of stuff.

Unix Libraries and Mac OS X

One of the great strengths of Apple's Mac OS X operating system is its unix core. A veritable world of existing applications are instantly available to it, providing you have persistence and the patience to install the prerequisite software libraries.

How to Rip Your CD's into AAC Using iTunes 4

With the introduction of iTunes 4, Apple introduced the ability to rip your CD's into AAC a new audio codec developed by Dolby. Dolby claims that songs encoded in the AAC format at 128kbps sounds better then MP3's encoded at 160kbps. We won't debate that today that will be for a future article. Today I will show you how to use iTunes 4 to rip your CD's in the new AAC format.

How to Share your iTunes Library Over the Internet

With the addition of Rendezvous support to iTunes 4, Apple has introduced the ability to share your iTunes music library over the Intetrnet., along with finding other peoples' shared iTunes libraries.

Sharing your iTunes Library

Boswell for Mac OS X - A Writer's Companion: Part Three

Last time we looked at a product called Boswell for Mac, a writer's tool for organizing thoughts, notes, and other components that go to make a document. This week we will look at the new Mac OS X version, just released.

Keeping Your Big Aibook Warm

After having spent a great deal of quality time using one of Apple's Big AlBooks during the past month, I've managed to figure out how to get the thing to heat up. Under general use it warms up just enough for the casing to be comfortable in your lap on a cool morning. That's about it, generally speaking.

But the Big AlBook has another side to its stunning personality. You might say its the toastier side of the slab. The secret to warming the thing up seems to have something to do with putting the the GPU to good use.

First Impressions: Apple's Music Store

After being forced to watch Apple's presentation in of all formats Microsoft Windows Media, I was impressed and disappointed with the new Apple Music Store.

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