Neo For Mac OS X - Kazaa!

Macs have always been big on file sharing. Mac OS X raised the bar, particularly with the recent Jaguar release. Yet the best file sharing strategies may be independent of operating system. Take Neo, for example, an OS X client for Kazaa, sort of.

Computing was always intriguing, but all of a sudden things heated up when people realized they could connect to a larger world out there. We've come a long way since then, and many people today have never not known about networking a computer.

Hard Drive Saga: Another One Bytes the Dust Part 2

Last time I talked about how my Maxtor 60GB 7200PM hard drive had started continuously doing the dreaded double beep every 30 seconds, and was told by a friend that the continuous double beep signified the hard drive was about to fail. I then tried to use Toast to backup my hard drive. Toast kept on locking up after verifying the files. Now for the conclusion to my tale.

Musical Apple's And Universal Deals

The powers that be at Apple have finally fessed up and acknowledged that something will finally be forthcoming from 1 Infinite loop. That doesn't necessarily mean that anything more significant than a new iPod or iTunes release will be announced next week. But then, smart money is bet on Apple coming up with something a bit more thrilling than that.

Migrating from FileMaker Pro to MySQL

This article covers the procedures involved with migrating a FileMaker Pro database to a MySQL database running on any platform using the FmPro Migrator utility on MacOS X.

Why Use FileMaker Pro?

Hard Drive saga Another One Bytes the Dust - Part 1

A few minutes after I laid down for a rest, around 4:05PM I heard a double beep coming from my computer. I had heard this occasionally since around October after the startup chime, but my Mac just restarted and chimed again and booted normally. Another time I was playing a game and it double beeped twice within 3 minutes.

How to Point a Static Domain to Your Home Computer Part 3: Setting up ZoneEdit to point your .com domain to your home computer


Last time we took an in-depth look at's free sub domain service. Today we are going to look ZoneEdit's free DNS service for the crowd that has their own .com domain.

Step One: Register a Domain

Mac OS X Built-In Firewall Options

Regardless of operating system, every computer connected to a network requires a firewall. Mac OS X comes with one built in, always has, always will. All you have to do is turn it on.

What is a firewall? A computer firewall is the software or hardware analog of its brick-and-mortar counterpart that separates two buildings in close proximity. In the event that one catches fire, the flames cannot readily damage the other building. So too, if there is destructive activity on your computer network, a firewall will prevent that activity from touching your machine.

Sample Firewall Rules For Mac OS X

[Mac:~] damien% sudo ipfw list
02000 allow ip from any to any via lo*
02010 deny ip from to any in
02020 deny ip from any to in
02030 deny ip from to any in
02040 deny tcp from any to in
02050 allow tcp from any to any out
02060 allow tcp from any to any established
02070 allow tcp from any to any 22 in
12190 deny tcp from any to any
65535 allow ip from any to any

[Mac:~] damien% sudo ipfw list

If It Ain't Broke We'll Fix It

How is it that we collectively choose to forsake something we're very fond of, that is rather expensive, and has nothing wrong with it?

Adding RAM to my Beige G3 Nearly Killed Me

A week ago Friday (March 21), the two 256MB DIMMS I ordered for my Beige G3 finally arrived at Compu2000 - the store I ordered them from. Since my plans to go to the Island Friday had been postponed, I decided to have an early lunch and head out to get my RAM. I didn't tell my friend Alex who works at Compu2000 that I was coming, since I wanted to surprise him. I had said I was going to be away for a week and wouldn't be able to pick up the RAM until I got back.

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