Refuting The Albook Myths

All of the reviews of the Big AlBook that have cropped up on the internet have pretty much agreed on a number of issues. Everyone raves about how cool it is, how quiet it is, and so forth. I think its time someone burst this bubble. I swear, if I didn't know better I'd say the iSteven P. himself had managed to extend his reality distortion field across the internet and managed to snowball everyone.

So, here it is. An honest, objective, and brief review from someone who has gotten to spend some quality time with the anodized aluminum shell topping his lap.

Boswell for Mac OS X - A Writer's Companion: Part Two

Last week we looked at a product called Boswell for Mac, a writer's tool for organizing thoughts, notes, and other components that go to make a document. This week we will work through a practical example.

Feasting on the Hands That Feeds You

Its a tough time to be investing resources in the technology sector. Even if there was a huge, growing market space, there is more than enough competition to go around. Even worse, there are more than enough enemies out there who will take advantage of every opportunity, fair and unfair, to beat you down and stand higher upon the bones of your accomplishments. One would think that anyone with a clue, or who might have at least heard of the board game, wouldn't strive to pass any more ammunition to one's competitors than they already have.

Boswell for Macintosh - A Writer's Companion: Part One

One of the essential tools that a writer needs is a system for organizing information. Boswell for Mac may be just the thing. Think of it as PostIt Notes on steroids.

Let me say up front that this is a Mac OS program, with an OS X version in the works. As I work almost exclusively in OS X, I chose to review Boswell on the expectation of that OS X version. Even as a classic Mac OS application, it stands on its own merits. But ultimately a native OS X version is required.

Apple's Foreign Affair

I finished reading Trevor's article, "Americans Getting Cheaper Macs?", and I said to myself, "$50 over-charging? That's nothing!". You see, I've been pricing up Apple machines here in the UK. I think you'll be shocked at what you find - at least, if you live in the US you will.

I'm taking the current exchange rate of £1 Sterling = $1.56361 US.

Americans Getting Cheaper Macs?

When I went to deposit a cheque in US currency on Friday, I was in for a shocker. I was excepting the $48 cheque to be $74 Canadian. Well I was wrong by a long shot. I only got $70 from it. When I got home later, I got to thinking about how the rapidly rising Canadian Dollar is affecting Mac prices in Canada. What I found out was, based on a generous 1.5% exchange rate (1.46% on March 14 and 1.485 on March 17) that Canadians are paying way too much for their Macs.

Integration Innovation

You've got to hand it to our Federal Government and John Ashcroft's Department of (In)Justice. Justice is rumored to be blind. In at least one case, she surely is. Alas, her alleged visual handicap is intended to offer the opportunity to prove one's innocence. It is not meant to offer only a blind eye toward the most transparent and illegal of behaviors.

Is That Opportunity Knocking?

Coming up with the right product, the right offering, that next insanely great iThing is half the battle. In and of itself that's more than enough of a challenge for just about any entrepreneur. That said, the other 75% of the battle is finding the right time to introduce your widget to the world. Maybe, just maybe, Apple is going to get that one last chance we're all looking for. Three Years of History Part One: The Beginning

In late February 2000, I called up my best friend Alex, and said, "I want to see you, lets do lunch," since I wanted to touch base and talk about my life, and get ideas from him. He agreed, and we had lunch on that Friday at Barnes on Grandville St. (Good place if you live in Vancouver). This lunch however, would change my life forever...

Sonnet CPU Upgrade Kits for Mac

Some time back we looked at a PowerLogix processor upgrade for a Macintosh G3 computer. This week we examine a Sonnet upgrade package for an early iMac.

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