Fighting, And Losing, The Good Fight

Its the stuff that our nightmares are made of. One way or another, we've all been there and wished we weren't. Sometimes its the simple frustration of the conversation when your windows counterpart admits to the superiority of the Macintosh, but points out that 'they' (meaning Apple) missed the boat.

Talk about stealing your thunder.

Big Changes as We Turn 3

Today marks two milestones for Three years ago today was born while I went out to lunch with my best friend. Now, today on the third birthday of I am pleased to announce is teaming up with JMUG-Connect to make a true Mac site.

Norton AntiVirus for Mac OS X

Always there for Mac, the venerable Norton AntiVirus came out in beta for Apple's newest operating system soon after Apple's Mac OS X operating system hit the streets. Having had sufficient time to mature, NAV for OS X has been a shrink-wrapped product for some time. Now there is a new beta release.

How to Point a Static Domain to Your Home Computer Part 2: - Using

Last time we answered some common questions about pointing a static domain to your home computer, and briefly discussed and Zone Edit. Today we will be taking an in depth look at's free static sub-domain service.

Lindows Gives Linux A Bad Name

First, I like linux. I really do.

Second, I've always hoped that Lindows could give wintel some grief.

Third, if they compete with Apple, that's a good thing; even the iSteve needs to be kept in check sometimes.


I don't know which is worse, the website or the Reuters article I discovered this on.

Bits, Bites, and Bothers

This week I touch on a few different issues. None of them is really worthy of its own article so I've munged them all together into one big literary mess.

X Window Printing On Mac OS X Using Gimp-Print

Over the last couple of weeks we have been discussing the installation of two variants of X Window server for Mac OS X. Now that those are working, it's time to print. A package called Gimp-Print does the job admirably.

The Price of iQuality

We should have heeded that ancient warning and been more careful of what we wished for. Steve Jobs is many things to many people. One of those things he should have gotten credit for was being right. So many people, faithful or otherwise, sneered at his comparisons of the mighty Macintosh to other more luxurious and decidedly less commoditized (dull) items. His unwavering belief was and is that people will pay a premium price for a premium product.

Restoring PHP in Mac OS 10.2.4 after upgrading from 10.2.3

After upgrading from 10.2.3 to 10.2.4, the Apache configuration file httpd.conf is reset. This means that any changes you made to the file, including activating PHP are lost. So lets restore the httpd.conf file so PHP works again.

If you don't have it already download BBEdit lite 6.1.2 a free download, sicne it has Open Hidden File, and also allows you to save read only files by entering your administration login/password.

Setting Up XDarwin On Mac OS X

Last week we installed and set up Apple X11, a bona fide Apple rendition of the XFree86 X Window system for Mac OS X. This week we will do the same for XDarwin, the open source version, which has sufficient maturity and stability to be usable in a production environment.

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